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Okay naughty doggies, we are here to talk about humping and grinding, without the shame and without the need of another.
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If you don't use lubricant, this is a sign to upgrade your sexual pleasure and add some lubrication to your sexual activity routine.
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Approaching dirty talk can be nerve wracking for anyone. And for so many of us trans/non-binary/queer people, navigating dysphoria, our changing bodies, and with all the noise of queer/transphobia, dirty talk can be super hot and a great way to feel affirmed and to affirm someone.
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Grinding and humping is a very valid and normal form of pleaser! Here are the top 5 grinding and humping sex toys for queer and trans people.
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Neurodivergence can come with a whole host of sensory sensitivities, from touch, too light, to noise and beyond. Sex can be especially funky as a neurodivergent person, as it’s such a sensory heavy experience - and can become so overwhelming, even when we’re super into it!
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Keeping your sex toys clean is not only important for health and safety it also prolongs the life of your toys! Here are the various ways to keep your toys clean depending on what kind of toys you own.
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