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  • Best Toys for people FTM, Trans Masc, Intersex, on Testosterone and/or Experiencing Bottom Growth: A Guide to Finding the Best Options

    So, you started T and now you've got a D, or you've just always had a bit more to work with down there. Now you're wondering," how do I maximize my pleasure?" Taking testosterone can transform your goodies it into something that is suckable, fuckable, and gender euphoria inducing. In this article we'll list some of our best options for those experiencing, what is referred to as, "bottom growth" for FTM individuals on testosterone or for those who just happen to be hung down there.

    Suction or Air-Pulse Toys 

    Let's just start with the toy that becomes a lot of peoples favorite go-to; suction toys. Often times, its a matter of finding one with a big enough opening to accommodate growth. Here are some favorites amongst the trans-masc cuties:

    Satisfyer Curvy
 1 Plus 

    We brought this toy into our shop by popular demand. The suction toy with the deepest and widest opening on the market the Curvy 1+ fits all of you with a balance of air-pulse stimulation and intense vibrations. Additionally, its ergonomic rounded body perfectly contours making it easier to hold and perfect for using it in a "jack-off" motion for all those gender euphoria feels! Plus, Curvy is simple to use and less the most affordable without sacrificing any pleasure. Opening measures about 1.5 inches deep & 0.625 inches wide. For reference, opening can easily fit about two thirds of a standard AA battery length wise with some extra room width wise.

    LELO Sila

    Lelo Sila - Shop Enby
    Sila Cruise by Lelo is an elegant and luxurious suction vibrator that won't disappoint. In addition to its .5 in wide by .7in long opening, the Sila also has a wider 1.25 wider ring surrounding the opening that creates an unique seal around your bits. Its motor is so strong that no matter how hard you’re pushing up against it doesn't skip a beat.


    womanizer liberty air-pulse sex toy - shop enby
    A Classic! Yes, we are aware that the name brand of this company sucks more than their wildly popular suction toys. But, they are popular for a reason, especially in the trans masc community, and that is why (despite the name) we love this toy!

    Click here to see all suction toys for bottom growth!


    For those looking for something non-vibrating but still pleasurable, strokers aka masturbation sleeves that are designed specifically for AFAB cuties w/ bottom growth. This clever design suctions on and can be used to jack-off.

    Shot pocket

    shot pocket F.T.M. sex toy - shop enby
    We have carried different variations of this product in the past, but our favorite is the Shot Pocket.  The Shotpocket is designed for trans masc and AFAB folk who have been on testosterone and experienced some growth downstairs. It is 100% body safe silicone and comes with a nice storage pouch.



    Pump up the volume on your bean by adding pressure and suctioning your bits. This increases the blood flow and make the area more sensitive. We sell various pumps designed for various parts, but recommend a few of these versatile options:

    Fusion Triple Suckers

    This set of three pumps can be used to suck and hold pressure on three parts at the same time! They can accommodate bottom growth up to .75 inches, in diameter.

    Optimum Series Maximum Results Pump Set

    For bottom growth that's a bit larger. This pump set comes with 2 sizes, one that is 2.25in and the other that is larger at 2.75in in diameter. Either pump it yourself or give the control over to a lover, either way you will expand beyond your usual limits and grow.

    Humping & Grinding

    If thrusting is more your speed we would recommend these humping and grinding toys:

    Lippi by Banana Pants


    Lube up the Lippi and take it for a ride by either adding it to the base of your fav strap or slipping a bullet vibe into the hole in the back of it. Designed with plump protruding lips to grind against your bits while also offering a snug slit for those with bottom growth.

    Cute Little Fuckers - Starsi

    starsi sex toy - shop enby
    We love this cute little grinding vibrator, it is super soft and friendly to look at. Our transfemme friends also gravitate towards this vibe, as it is gentle and comfortable for any body type.


    vibe pad sex toy - shop enby
    The VibePad is a luxurious toy that lays flat on the bed and is meant to be ground up against. This product is great if you are looking for a hands-free vibrator that is non-penetrative.

    Click here to see our whole collection dedicated to toys recommended by trans masc and people on testosterone. 

Best toys for humping and grinding

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