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3 Simple Steps to Maximize Pleasure and Comfort with Lubricant: A Beginner's Guide

  • 1 min read

3 Simple Steps to Maximize Pleasure and Comfort with Lubricant: A Beginner's Guide

If you don't use lubricant, this is a sign to upgrade your sexual pleasure and add some lubrication to your sexual activity routine. Dousing a dildo or anal area with lubricant before sexual activity can increase sensitivity, prevent discomfort, and also provide a thin barrier between what is going on inside. Don't know where to start with lubricants? We have the basics covered in this entry. So sit back, apply some lubricant to your penis, and get it on -- bonus pro tip from local experts: more lubricant on nipples, please! If you smoke weed, cotton mouth can also affect your vagina, and as always, stay lubricated for enhanced pleasure and comfort. 
"Lubricant is life" -anonymous

If you are using a silicone dildoor silicone vibrator, water-based lubricant is the one for you! Mixing a silicone lubricant with a silicone toy can break down the toy, make it sticky, and leach chemicals into your skin. Gross.

If you are using a latex condom, oil-based lubricants are a no go. Anything with oil in it or petroleum jelly will damage and break down the condom, which kind of defeats the point. Stick with a water based lube.

Don't be shy! Adding lubricant to your sexual experiences does not have to be taboo, it is actually really sexy when there is lubricant shooting across the room. So, stop stigmatizing lubricant -- not all of us can be Niagara Falls. Lubeenhances sexual pleasure and comfort, so add some to your routine and get to sliding and gliding.

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