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Exploring the World of Sex Toys: A Beginner's Guide to Enhancing Your Sexual Experience

  • 4 min read

Exploring the World of Sex Toys:

A Beginner's Guide to Enhancing Your Sexual Experience

Sex toys are objects or devices that are designed to be used for sexual pleasure. They can be used by people of any gender or sexual orientation and can be a fun and enjoyable way to enhance solo or partnered play. We encourage you to find the right toys based on your own preferences, anatomy, and sexual fantasies. Here's a brief overview of some common types of sex toys:


These are perhaps the most well-known type of sex toy and can be used by people of any gender or sexual orientation. They come in a range of shapes and sizes, and can be used to stimulate the clitoris, G-spot, or other sensitive areas. Some vibrators are designed for external use only, while others can be used for internal stimulation as well. There are different types of vibrators to fit different types of anatomy, if you have any questions as to what type of vibrator would suit you and your body, we are more than happy to help you out!

The most common types of vibrators are:

Bullet vibes: these small yet mighty vibes are perfect for travel and discreet play. They are perfect for pin-point stimulation. Some harnesses and dildos are even compatible with most bullet vibes for hands free use. bullet vibrators are not suitable for anal play, as they do not have a flared base and can be sucked up into your booty hole.

pictured above is the kip by dame products

Rabbit vibes: the name rabbit vibe comes from the little bunny ear shaped part of these vibes that stick out the stimulate the clitoris while the main part of the vibrator goes inside of the vagina

Vibrating butt plugs:vibrating butt plugs are specifically designed to fit in anus and give an extremely stimulating time. often they are designed with a remote to easily control the settings and can be used by anyone with any anatomy (everyone has a booty hole)

Humping and grinding:these are vibrators designed specifically to rub up against and can be used by anyone with any anatomy. Some of them are also designed to be worn inside of your underwear!

Pictured above is the Romp Wave Mint

Finger Vibes: these little vibes can be worn on the finger to maximize control (especially if there is multi-tasking happening). Pro tip: use them to stimulate your or your boos nipples!

Vibrating C-rings:designed to fit over the penis and/or balls, vibrating c-rings give extra stimulation to both the wearer and if there is penetration involved, to the receiver as well.

Pictured above is the tenga smart vibe ring

Suction Vibrators: if you are in the mood for some extra stimulation, suction vibrators are advanced technology that are not here to disappoint! By pulsing air through a small suction mouth that fits over the clitoris, these toys provide a pretty intense stimulation.

Wands:an all time classic and arguably the most powerful of them all, wand vibrators are here to provide a strong a wide range of vibrations. Wands are great because they have a large surface area and therefor there is no guessing as to whether or not they are working. They are also great for a back massage.



These are typically phallic-shaped toys that can be used for vaginal or anal penetration. It is very important that dildos for anal play have a flared base! This is because without the base, you can literally lose the dildo in your butt and potentially end up in the hospital. Dildos can be made from a variety of materials, including silicone, glass, and metal. Some even come with suction cups for hands-free use, and can be suctioned to another dildo.

Good options for beginners:



These are harnesses that can be worn by people of any gender and used to penetrate a partner. Strap-ons can be used for vaginal or anal penetration and come in a range of sizes and styles.

Good options for beginners:

Pictured above is the tomboii harness by SpareParts

Anal beads:

These are a series of beads or balls that are connected by a cord or string, and are designed for anal use. They can be inserted and then pulled out during orgasm for added pleasure.

Good options for beginners:


Butt plugs:

These are sex toys that are specifically designed to go into the anus and to stimulate the prostate, which is a gland that is located between the bladder and the rectum. People with uterus's typically do not have prostates, but that does not mean they do not enjoy butt plugs. Butt plugs can be used by people of any gender or sexual orientation and can be a source of pleasure for both solo and partnered play.



It's important to remember to always use lubricant when using sex toys, especially for anal play, and to clean them thoroughly after each use to prevent the spread of infections. Different types of lube are suited for different toys -- which we will cover in another post. But what you should know for now is:

silicone toys = water based lube

silicone based lube = no silicone toys

latex condoms = water based lube (and no oil!)

gel lube = longer slide time (good for anal)


Final Thoughts:

It's also important to communicate with your partner about what kinds of touch and stimulation feel good, and to respect each other's boundaries.

When shopping for sex toys, it's important to consider factors such as the material they are made of, as some materials may be more or less safe or body-friendly than others. It's also a good idea to look for sex toys that are made by reputable manufacturers and sold by trusted retailers. Finally, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for use and storage to ensure that your sex toy remains in good condition and is used safely. Shop Enby only carries products that are 100% body safe, so you can trust everything that we offer.

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